The Profit of Pain and Suffering

The Profit of Pain and Suffering

A hymn to the Theotokos

Standing by the Cross, O Jesus, she who gave birth to Thee, wept lamenting and cried out: “I cannot bear this, to see Thee nailed on the wood to Whom I gave birth and escaped pain for it was without a man. How I am now gripped with pain, and wounded in heart; now is fulfilled the saying which Symeon uttered, ‘A sword shall pierce thy heart O undefiled One.’”

Having recently heard much of pain and suffering from others I thought that it should be the topic of this post. I will join together two quotes. One quote will be from the book, Russian Letters of Direction , Macarius, Starets of Optino; and the other from Elder Joseph the Hesychast, Struggles-Experiences-Teachings. I hope these quotes could be made applicable to the various pains and sorrows we meet in…

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