God’s good deeds crack open the heart


God wants our willingness, our good inclination expressed, even if only a little bit, but through a praiseworthy deed. He also wants us to admit our sinfulness. Everything else He gives. Biceps are not necessary in spiritual life. We will humbly toil, ask God’s mercy and thank Him for everything. God’s plan is fulfilled in a person who, without any plan of his own, puts himself into God’s hands. A person is left behind in accordance with how much he holds onto his “I.” He does not succeed spiritually, because he hinders God’s mercy. In order to succeed, a lot of faith in God is needed.

Every minute God caresses the hearts of all people with His love, but we do not feel this, because our hearts are crusted over. By purifying their heart, a person feels deeply, melts, goes crazy, seeing the goodness and kindness of God, equally loving all men. Such a person is pained for those who suffer, he feels joy for those who lead a spiritual life. If a praiseworthy soul ponders only the good acts of God, they can send it flying up, and what can one say, if it ponders the multitude of its sins and the great mercy of God! If a person’s spiritual eyes are cleansed, then he, seeing God’s care (for himself and others}, feels and experiences all of the Divine Providence with his sensitive exposed soul, he melts from thankfulness, he becomes crazy in the good meaning of this word. Because God’s gifts, when a person senses them, crack open the heart, burst it. And then, when caressing the praiseworthy heart, God’s hand touches this crack, the person soars internally, and his thanks to God become great. Those who toil, feeling both their own sinfulness as well as the goodness of God, and trust themselves to His compassion, lift their souls to heaven with greater hope and less physical effort.

– Elder Paisios (Eznepidis)

Elder Paisios of Mount Athos (Παΐσιος ο Αγιορείτης), was born Arsenios Eznepidis in 1924 and was a well-known Eastern Orthodox monk from Farasa, Cappadocia, in modern day Turkey. He is famous for his spiritual teachings.  He reposed in 1994.

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